We do not keep Koa in stock due to its high price and restrictions.  We can order it, however, please keep in mind it may take some time to acquire and will be quite expensive especially if you only need a small quantity.  There are many species that are on the CITES list that are much more difficult to acquire such as coco bolo, rosewood, canary wood, or lyptus, but please let us know what you are looking for and we might be able to help you out. 

As quoted from WoodShop News “For woodworkers and wood dealers, koa is often considered second to none because of its spectacular appearance. Curly koa is also unmatched in price, with highly figured material for guitar sets priced as high as $150/bf. Koa lumber with a premium curl can strain your wallet for $60 to $120/bf depending on the intensity of the figure and the reputation of the exotic wood dealer who is selling it.”

To read the full article go to: www.woodshopnews.com/news/koa-is-highly-sought-and-high-priced

You may also check out restricted or endangered wood species information and list from “The Wood Database”: www.wood-database.com/wood-articles/restricted-and-endangered-wood-species