Deciding to create an heirloom table is a process that the staff at Superior Hardwoods is excited to help you with, but first here are a few things to know about ordering your custom table. This process is also similar to ordering a counter or bar top.

  1. View tables online and decide what style you like. Also, save photos to share with us, so we understand what design type/style you prefer.
    1. Do you like darker or lighter woods?
    2. Do you want more than one color/type of wood for your piece?
    3. Do you want a live edge slab or a more traditional piece (i.e. square or round)?
    4. If you want a more traditional table, also decide how much of a round over you want for both the edges and/or the corners of your table. See our corner radius chart.
    5. If choosing a live edge slab, keep in mind that each slab is unique and cracks may be present in slabs. When a crack is present it adds character, but it also gives you the option of using either epoxy or butterflies, which adds more uniqueness to your design.
  2. Know what dimensions your table needs to be or how many settings you desire.
    1. This is especially important if you desire a live edge table as the widths will vary at different points in the slab and knowing your limits will help you select a piece suited to your needs.
  3. Decide if you want your table finished with a urethane.
    1. We can do the finishing here for you or you may do your finishing at home. We carry both water based and oil based finishes so you can choose how you want your final product to look. We can pour epoxy or colored epoxy finishes and also carry the supplies if you wish to do this on your own.
    2. Keep in mind the difference between water based and oil based finishes. A water based finish will keep a more natural color of the wood and dries quicker. If you are doing the finish yourself, this allows you to apply additional coats more quickly. An oil based finish brings out the grain and rich tones in the wood, but it also includes a more amber color, especially on lighter woods. The oil based finishes also require more time for drying in between coats. There are many websites which compare the differences such as our suppliers at General Finishes, but you may also contact us if you have additional questions.
    3. If you are concerned about a food safe finish, please note that the FDA and many woodworking professionals suggest that any finish is “food safe” as long as the finish has fully CURED. Polyurethane varnish does not present any known hazards and all common driers used in finishes since 1972 are safe for food or contact. However, cured finish is different than dry finish; for a finish to be “fully cured” the rule of thumb is to allow it to set up for 30 days at room temperature (65-75 degrees F).
    4. If your piece is one that will be used for cutting on, then a butcher block oil, beeswax, tung oil, or raw linseed oil are the better options, but keep in mind that these finishes must be reapplied based on usage.
  4. View table legs online and save photos as well. There are numerous leg designs for any table style. Also, keep in mind the weight of your table top in proportion to the style of the legs you are choosing.
    1. Do you like wood or metal legs or a mix of both? A more traditional style or something more artistic?
    2. What color would you prefer for the legs?
    3. Would you prefer we add the legs to the table or are you simply ordering the top and adding the legs yourself?

These are just a few basic questions you can expect us to ask when you are inquiring about a custom table or counter/bar top. Bringing in photos is the best way to help us understand what you want your final product to look like. Since each piece of wood is different, your final product may not exactly match the photos you bring to us, but this is what makes each piece we do unique to its owner.
We look forward to helping you bring your custom pieces to life.
-Superior Hardwoods